Speaking at TransferSummit 2011

Paul Downey and I will be at this year's TransferSummit:

Introduction to Open Source Hardware and Why It Matters

The open source paradigm is not confined to software projects and it's increasingly being used in support of the development and licensing of hardware. Open Source Hardware (OSHW) enjoys close linkage and a symbiotic relationship with open source software, its ecosystem is growing at a significant rate and with some predicting that the market could be worth $1 billion by 2015.

In this session Paul Downey and Andrew Back will provide an introduction to OSHW illustrated using a series of existing projects, from alarm clocks, 3D printers and the Arduino platform, through to cars and laptops. Explaining how open source techniques are being applied to hardware development and using Google's Accessory Development Kit (ADK) for Android as a case study. Through the combination of OSHW and open source software we will see that the potential for innovation is limited only by resources and expertise.

We'll also be running the "Open Gadget Playtime" and I'll be taking along No Numbers and a Nanode.